Whether its a new custom home or a remodel, our goal is to finish the project beyond the customers expectations. We aren't like other construction companies and we don't try to be. We set a standard of excellence that is above the industry standards. Cothren Construction believes you deserve the home of your dreams, built to the highest quality. To us, the bottom line isn't on paper, it's customer satisfaction when your project is complete and your dream home becomes a reality. Barry Cothren has been in the construction industry for 20 years, he started his career at ground level with footers and foundation and developed his skills and began his climb through the residential and commercial construction industry. Being hands on in every aspect of construction, he adopted a level of excellence that is above others and is applied to each project. Having worked for other construction companies along the way, Barry made the decision to go out on his own to bring a level of honesty and value to clients that he had not been able to find working for someone else. Cothren Construction will build your home with attention to detail and with the quality and integrity that we would use if we were building the home of OUR dreams!

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